Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our New Kitchen!

My husband and I just relocated to Fort Lauderdale which means we are also renting a new home.  We found this beautiful new townhouse which is perfect for us and the best part about it is....the kitchen!  So, I thought I would introduce you to the new place that my dishes and recipes will be coming from.
In the past I have had small kitchens that I hated to cook in because there was just no room.  Not to mention the amount of space I had to store all of my dishes, appliances, etc.  Now I have this nice spacious kitchen with an island and lots of cabinet space.  I am such a happy little cook.

The island is my new best friend.  It makes prep work so much easier and less messy.  I am still in amazement that I actually have counter space.

I even have a little area over there in the corner to keep all of my cookbooks and cooking magazines.  I used to have to keep them in our office.

The one downfall is that we had to go back to an electric stove.  :o(  I miss my gas stove so much.  I have to admit that this is a pretty decent flat top but it still takes so much longer for things to heat up and it is impossible to regulate the temperature.  I guess I can't have everything though.

I actually have cabinet space.  There is a nice organized spot for everything.  I can actually use all of my dishes, pots/pans, utensils and appliances without having to dig for them.  I actually know what I have now.

I told my husband that now when we go to buy a house next year there is NO downsizing with the kitchen.  There is no way I could go back to something smaller now.  :o)


Cate said...

WOW! I think my kitchen could fit in there like 4 times! Bummer about the electric stove, but it's beautiful!

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Michelle said...

Oh man I'm jealous of your kitchen!!